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"And what country would that be?"

2014.09.06     +5790    VIA & SOURCE
"We’re all here!"

But…Now I want.


F A I R Y   T A I L   T E A M   A  +  P O K E M O N   [Soon Team B]
FT sprites credit: ripped by (x) (x) and made by me
Pokémon sprites from (x)


Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side
Desolation comes upon the sky

Get To Know Me: [3/10] Fave Protagonist » Natsu Dragneel

"…Annie, why?"

2014.09.06     +6545    VIA & SOURCE

Favorite KHR characters [2/?]

»Hayato Gokudera

2014.09.06     +1255    VIA & SOURCE